ANSWER: 3 Possibilities

Our Newest vDos Enabled GiftQuest Option:  In March 2019 GiftQuest has made available the regular and complete GiftQuest software resource that utilizes a free and quite creative DOS enhancing software called vDos. The standard free version of vDos can be easily found and downloaded from the internet. VDos is easy to install and requires no additional operating system. Installing GiftQuest utilizing vDos is quite simple assuming you are confortable downloading software into specific folders and making a few name changes of select files within specific folders on your computer. This vDos option is considered by GiftQuest as a transitional offering while the totally web-based version of GiftQuest is written. You may choose to download a free pdf copy of the complete GiftQuest install instructions to evaluate the install process. This version of GiftQuest is sold for $50.00. It is the same complete functionality of theGiftQuest software resource offered in the above two options. The install is not quite as automatic as the Virtual Machine install and it does not require the availability of a suitable version of Windows complete with product keys. A slight drawback is the lack of support for the standard mouse-based cursor. The vDos based database requires the navigational use of the keyboard and arrow keys. While this version does not include the 10 copies of the printed GiftQuest Inventory, they may be purchased separately from GiftQuest.

Virtual Machine Option:  Five years ago GiftQuest released a version that runs within a virtual machine environment in a Windows 7/8/10 operating system.  The GiftQuest software is identical to what is offered in the other two options. The virtual machine is actually free software that can be found several places on the internet.  We recommend and have personally used the VMPlayer offered by VMWare.  After the VMPlayer has been installed on your PC, it is actually like a a small distinct blank computer on your harddrive.  In order to work, the VMPlayer requires an operating system be installed on the VMPlayer.  You must have access to a Windows XP install disk complete with the product key.  After installation of the XP or older operating system, GiftQuest can be installed within the Virtual Machine running Windows XP.  The software has all the functionality of the GiftQuest program sold for the first option mentioned above. Cost is $98.00. GiftQuest does not offer the Virtual Machine software nor the required operating system. GiftQuest does not offer installation nor operating support for the VMPlayer. The successful configuration and running of the VMPlayer virtual machine can be quite challenging. When properly installed, the virtual machine prints reports utilizing the main Windows printer resources. While this option is functioning in a number of churches within the United States, we highly recommed our newly announced third option.

Our Original Option:  This requires a maximum 32 bit computer running Windows XP or earlier. The program installs easily from a GiftQuest setup.exe file purchased from GiftQuest. The complete software package includes 10 printed GiftQluest Inventory Forms. The software also includes a pdf version of the GiftQuest Inventory enabling you to print as many Inventory copies as desired. Cost is $98.00 complete. The software will score an unlimited number of Inventories and maintains each record in the database. Check the Contact Us for information on how to reach GiftQuest.



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